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Design and Printing

At Kreetive Designers and Supplies, as our name suggests, we design, print (or embroider) and supply corporate/organizational stationery, asset (inventory) branding and tagging, promotional items, identification cards, and corporate uniforms.

Office, Field and Industrial Supplies

At Kreetive Designers and Supplies we appreciate that many an office today has developed advanced and elaborate operations procedures, with procurement getting strategic and professionalized each day.

Supply of Humanitarian (Relief) Aid and Emergency Supplies

As a stop-gap measure at times of emergency or any other urgently required humanitarian substance assistance, Kreetive Designers and Supplies avails its field experience and operational outreach to source, procure and supply the divergent needs in the shortest time possible and at a well-considered cost.

As a complementary service to its highly esteemed customers, Kreetive Designs and Supplies engages in free consultative and advisory sessions with willing parties. This is to empower clients in regard to:
- New market trends and expectations
- New and/or alternative products/services and technologies
- Best qualities in a range of specifications
- Best modes/means of delivery, and
- Overall cost effectiveness.

Great Price!
That Kreetive Designers and Supplies stands for fair pricing, in accordance with market rates as
per the costs incurred, without any form of exorbitance and/or inflation.

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