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Kreetive Designers and Supplies is a company duly registered and incorporated in Kenya to
undertake the business of consultancy, design, sourcing, procurement and supplies of products
and services that are vital in the day-to-day running of a modern office, field projects, industrial
operations and emergency humanitarian aid.

The company has been in operation since 2005 having been founded as a Soleprietorship,
providing intermediate solutions to Small and Medium scale Businesses, Non-Governmental
Organizations (NGOs), and Community Based Organizations (CBOs).
Our personalized services that ensure clients get maximum value for their money in the best time,
with a reliable customer and after-sales services, has since earned Kreetive Designers and
Supplies clients from large corporations, multinationals, international humanitarian agencies and
government projects.

The trust developed over the years, growth in client base and expansion of capital necessitated in
January 2007 the incorporation of the company.

Our mission is to provide tailor-made, readily available, cost effective, high quality solutions to the diverse needs of our ever growing clients, and to the ever changing market trends in regards to goods & services, thus saving them money and time.

Kreetive Designers and Supplies is set to serve you in three (3) forms:
1.) Supply of Office, Field and Industrial stationery, equipment and consumables
2.) Design and printing
3.) Supply of humanitarian aid/emergency products
4.) Free Advisory Services to Customers

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